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S&S Dipping Powder 100% AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT

Our S&S powder is 100% Australian made and owned! with many professional nail salons across Australia using our products in their stores, we have released this sensational dipping powder to the public so that they can do it themselves as it is very easy and simple!

What you need to add life to your nails:

- Dipping Base

- Dipping Top

- Sealer Dry

- Brush Saver

- And of course the color powder of your choice! we have over 800+ different colors

All of which you buy in our store with descriptions telling you what they're used for.

✔️ 100% Australian Made And Owned

✔️ Used by many professional nail salons across Australia

✔️ Simple and long-lasting

✔️ Tested to be just as good if not better than its competitors

✔️ Cheaper than most while maintaining its Quality, this is due to it being an Australian brand and sold solely in Australia


1. Coat your nails with the dipping base (Tip: shake your fingers slightly so the base spreads evenly across your nail and flattens out)

2. Dip your nails in quickly and smoothly

3. Paint on the sealer base, this hardens the powder so that it doesn't easily come off

4. Finally, coat on the base top, this gives your nail the shine and acrylic-like top

If it does not come out perfect the first time, don't give up! it gets easier the more you practice.